Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 10- 21: Idyllwild to Hiker Heaven

Apologies to the five people that read my blog; 12 days and 274 miles have passed with no update. Wonderful, exciting, and gay things have happened, are happening, and will happen, but finding the time and energy to write them down has escaped me. For one, I have listened to The Great Gatsby two times in the last week.
I was going to do a recap of everything that has happened in the last 12 days but I feel that would be way to boring for both me and you. Instead I am going to post some photos from the last week and try to talk about highlights and quarks of the PCT thus far. In short: I am having an absolute blast.

Big Boy Tiny Pack
Snow bath for my dogs halfway up San Jacinto Mt.

Dropped back into the desert the morning after climbing San Jacinto. It went from freezing to 105 degrees! This was a much needed trail magic stop by Tarzan.

Got an early start leaving Ziggy and the Bears.

Thunder Gun!

Zero in Big Bear Lake 
The man! Pappa Smurf hosted me in Big Bear for two nights with food, shower, and laundry!
Leaving Big Bear

Coppertone coming through with root beer floats!!
The infamous Poodle Dog Bush. This will be getting its own post.
Poodle Dog Detour 
"Hiker Heaven" Truly a hiker heaven. Everything you could want and more. Also getting its own post soon.

New Shoes!
Walmart Freak out!!


  1. Loving it. Keep trucking baby see you on the other side

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