I suffer from a rare genetic skin disease called Ichthyosis. I also just recently learned how to spell it. For a long time I was afraid to talk about it and refused to acknowledge its presents in my life. This tactic was a double edged sword. On one hand I have never let this disease hinder my passions or allowed it to be an excuse, and on the other hand I have refused to accept and love a part of myself that I cannot change. 

This realization has brought me to this point. A point where a public platform like a blog is the most grown-up and reasonable response to change my past ways. I love my-self for everything I am and am not and thats why I am willing to share. 

This section of the blog is devoted to talking about my skin and how I care for it on the trail. for more information about my skin disease and other related skin types check out my fundraising page below.

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  1. My husband is always on the lookout for good hiking blogs. We were excited to find you because we are an ichthyosis affected backpacking family ourselves. We have three boys with X-Linked Ichthyosis. Their condition is very manageable at home, but when they are out for more than a few days they do have to be a little more careful. We live near Asheville, NC. We'd love to meet up with you if you ever decide to hike the AT or any where else in our wonderful mountains. Here's a link to our flickr backpacking pictures: