Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stacks on Pawpaw!

The goods!!
Yesterday, I received my first sponsorship package from Lucas' Pawpaw! They pulled through with over $300 of their magical Papaya ointment; shipped directly from their Brisbane Australia factory. Lucas' Pawpaw has been using the same strange but tried-and-true recipe for the past 100 years that includes fermented papaya(pawpaw). Fermented papaya acts as a mild disinfectant and antioxidant that is perfect for healing minor cuts, cracks, and burns. I Can't wait to put their product to the test on the trail; this stuff is on a very short list of lotions I would depend on in the backcountry, and may turn out to be the only one I need. 

Regardless of skin-type this stuff can work wonders on a long list of topical ailments, including "nappy-rash" which I think is Australian for butt-chafe or diaper rash. Lets try to use it in a sentence: While at Maccas, Jack explained to Bill that he had to wear his trackies because he had a bit of nappy-rash on his bum from a week spent in the Bush.
Maccas: McDonald's
Trackies: track suit 
Bush: rural Australia

I will be doing independent reviews of this product as my trip progress. Although, I am very thankful for Lucas' Pawpaw's sponsorship it will not bias my final opinion on their product....but I have used this stuff in the past(not hiking) and I know it's awesome for normal everyday use. Thank you Lucas' Pawpaw, and my studly brother Eric for reaching out to them! 

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