Saturday, April 26, 2014

PCT day 2-3: shin splints, stir crazy, rain

I spent 2 days at the kickoff party. Originally I was only going to spend one but my right leg had a bad shin splint leftover from the Ozark trail. Lots of free food and trail talk healed it right up. 

The kickoff party had many presentations about backcountry skills and PCT safety. This year the PCT desert section is very low on water and there will be 30 mile sections without water resupply!

Speaking of water in the desert, it rained like crazy the second night of the kickoff party and I had to restake my tent at 3 in the morning. Stayed dry otherwise so no big deal. 

Taking off tomorrow for much more interesting blog topics. 

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  1. Ha! Stir crazy! You have 4 months of hiking ahead of you. Be patient with yourself and the journey. Hope you heal up good.